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British American Tobacco in Vietnam

Includes a representative office and two entities named below:

The Representative Office of BATMS in Ho Chi Minh city; BAT – VINATABA (JV) Company; and VINA – BAT Joint Venture Company Ltd.

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Why British American Tobacco in Vietnam?

Our culture is like no other. It is an organization of immense passion, of mutual respect, and of fast-paced innovation.

To succeed in our environment, the people who join us bring something unique. Their “difference” is what drives our organization further. Bringing your difference is rewarded with incredible opportunities. “Difference” at BAT Vietnam means your background, your specific skill sets, your thinking, your ideas to contribute to make our environment dynamic and adaptable to constant changes and innovation. A career at BAT will inspire, at the same time, propel you to master the four key courses of action.

You can’t fake passion – the driving force behind BAT’s authentic culture. It’s about having the courage to stand up for your ideas, the ambition to achieve unprecedented standards and the tenacity to keep on fighting until you reach your goals. At BAT Vietnam, you will be working with colleagues who show this kind of passion in everything they do. They will constantly push and drive for what they believe is the right things to do. 

At BAT Vietnam, you can be sure that your efforts will never go to waste, that your passion and commitment will never be neglected. When you overcome challenges and deliver results here, the satisfaction is greater and the rewards are bigger too. The recognitions are not only in terms of financial rewards, but also in the wide open career development opportunities, not only in Vietnam, but also in all markets of BAT across the globe.


We see your career as a long-term commitment, and focus on where you could (and should) be. Our development model for BAT talents is learning on the job (70%), through peers (20%), and formal training (10%). And while we are behind you all the way, success is defined by you. You will be given a clear development plan and together with your efforts, we will make sure it happens. From cross-functional experience, international assignments, to formal training agenda developed based on your development needs, you will be given ample opportunities to reach the next level in our career. 

An international role isn’t something you grow into at BAT. As a business, we were born international. So it’s a mindset you embrace, an influence you enjoy and a way of working you adopt from day one. In all of our business functions, you will be engaged with international colleagues on the daily basis, you will need to be broad-minded to learn the best from the global standards and bring them to live in the Vietnamese context.

Our reward strategy is to provide a market competitive package, support employees' career development and create a friendly and empowered working environment for employees to make an impact in BAT Vietnam. 

What sets us apart from other organisations?

A clearly defined grading structure across the entire organization enables our employees to speak the same language in understanding the job size and responsibility in each of the markets they are working in. In other words, job grade of an individual in Vietnam will bear the similar scope of work and responsibility in the organization compared with someone working in Cambodia, India, or the US. This encourages talent mobility of employees within the Group.  

We maintain our competitiveness to the market by benchmarking our salary ranges annually to the market. This ensures that we are relevant to the market and able to attract and retain talents in our company. 

We are known for our Pay for Performance philosophy. We value our talents and provide an environment for our employees to develop their career. We encourage employees to bring their passion and energy and to relish every challenge for a rewarding career in BAT.

If you have talents and passion, you don’t have to worry about your development. We will take care of it for you! 

In fact, about 91% of our employees spend less than 3 years in one position before being promoted or rotated. This represents one of the fastest career tracks among the FMCG companies. In such an exciting market as Vietnam, we always have opportunities and development plans for people who prove capabilities and commitment to the organization. 

You will soon find out that BAT Vietnam opens the door for you to a global career. This does not necessarily means you will be required to travel out of the country on a constant basis. A global career at BAT Vietnam means that you will have access to a global pool of knowledge in all business functions from marketing, finance, to operations, HR, IT, and corporate affairs. You will have the right to move across different markets if you choose to and have the capabilities required. You will have the opportunities to work with global-minded colleagues and receive coaching from talented leaders from many parts of the world.  

Thanks to our strong commitment to develop Vietnamese talents, many have taken senior leadership roles within our organisation as well as in other markets of BAT. Learn more about their journeys and start to draft your own.

We can proudly say that we offer talented fresh graduates one of the best MT programs in Vietnam. From Marketing, Finance, to Operations and Human Resources, we offer you the most competitive package both in compensation and in career prospects. Our MTs have now taken senior leadership roles in various functions.

Apart from being the industry leader with best products for adult smokers, we take our pride in being a responsible corporate in all fronts.

With 7 brands in Vietnam, we own some of the most established and trusted brands for adult smokers. For those who choose to smoke, we are committed to bringing them the best quality products. It is thanks to our constant innovation for the past 20 years, BAT has set a strong foothold in the Vietnamese market. We can proudly say that BAT in Vietnam has the reputation of a fast-growing and innovative business model.

As a responsible corporate running in Vietnam, we are highly committed to contributing to develop Vietnam’s community at large. Our CSR agenda is localized according to the needs of different Vietnamese communities and based on the three pillars:

  • Sustainable Agriculture and Environment: Account for up to 70% of our annual investment. We are known for consistent afforestation programs since 2002, providing sustainable agricultural techniques training for farmers (both tobacco growers and others), developing rural infrastructure, etc.
  • Empowerment: Account up to 30% of our annual investment. We prioritize programs that empower disadvantaged residents to improve their life. A few examples of our contributions include microfinance programs, disaster relief programs, wheelchair donation programs, etc.
  • Engage BAT people: At BAT Vietnam, we value employees who are responsible corporate citizens. Each year we engage our employees in meaningful community activities and encourage new ideas to improve quality of life in the community.

For more details, please see: 
BAT Vietnam CSR
                                                     Global site/Sustainability

Life at British American Tobacco in Vietnam

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